July 10, 2014

  • Mike Contrae

    Thank you for writing about this. I think everyone should just get off Facebook.
    That link to how to do that you included is helpful. Thank you

  • Bob Hunter

    I do not understand how Facebook thinks this is okay to do. Who knows what they have done since 2012, when this experiment was conducted. The only reason people found out about it is because that study was just published.

  • Sally Ontoro

    I did not know that they could do this without my permission. Also I did not hear about them being able to use my photos and profile for their own purposes.
    This is really creepy and wrong. I am going to reset all my privacy settings like that article said to do now.

  • Penny Shumate

    How much money was wasted on this study which yielded common sense results?

    • http://wptotaltraining.com wptotaltraining

      I would love to know that too.