This is the web hosting I use and recommend. It starts at only 4.97 a month!
If you do decide to use A2 and you click my ad above and sign up, I will install WordPress for you on your new hosting.
Just email me and send your welcome email from A2 and I will contact you for the domain name and information I need to get you set up.

Linda Lee, how to get started setting up wordpress

 Special Offer- Only for Author Learning Center Webinar Attendees.

I will set up your WordPress website on your hosting for you and set up your domain name
and change the DNS, and install some essential plugins you need and activate them for only 99.00
This does not include a preiumin theme or any design work, just the default theme that comes with WordPress.
Contact me to order here.

Linda Lee Penquin Publishing Author Learning Solution

Bonus Download with links and directions for the Unique Ways to Promote Yourself.
Right click and save to your desktop.



My Blog Guest

Linkedin Groups/Forums-link to the overview of writers groups

Thank you for being a part of my webinar, hosted and sponsored
by Author Learning Solutions, Learning Center.

10 Ways to Make Your Website Sticky- How to Keep Your Readers Coming Back for More.  

Linda Lee- Askmepc-Webdesign 


  1. Site Design is important. People are comfortable with easy and clear navigation.
    Eye tracking visualizations show that users often read Web pages in an F-shaped pattern: two horizontal stripes followed by a vertical stripe. First they read the top section of your site, then moving to the next level or section below and then they scan the left side column. Comfort your visitors with familiar items and navigation. Design your site so people are familiar and comfortable.

  2. Design your site so people can find what they need. Right now you will notice many sites are going to larger buttons and boxed items with clear directions to help people find things quickly and with ease. Spend some time on your site as if you were a first time visitor, check out how well your site actually works. Look at your website through your readers eyes. In a recent study, Nielsen's consulting firm found the following page elements on roughly four out of every 10 sites.
    • The term "site map" for the site overview
    • Left-hand navigation for peer-level links
    • Logos in the upper left corner
    • When used, search boxes on the home page

  3. Tell your story.  A Web site is like a mini-broadcasting station; it starts right on the home page, which should set the stage by telling a compelling story that positions the company against its competitors. Include clear, concise information about whatever differentiates your company in your industry or niche.

  4. Build an Opt-in List. One of the most essential ways to 
    make your site sticky. Place a sign-up form on all your web pages.

  5. Call to Action. You must have what is known as a “call to action” on each page of your site.
    Offer something of value to the visitor such as a newsletter, e-zine, eBook, tips, instructional video or some type of download for signing up for your list.

  6. New Content. You must have fresh content, updates and new articles or information for your readers. This is why a blog is invaluable. Adding a blog section to your website a very easy and most effective way to achieve this. Update your content as regularly as possible. If you want repeat visitors, you need an answer to every returning user's question: "What's new?" Even if your site is not content-rich, a key to getting repeat visitors is to offer something new when they return — new graphics, new product information, new offers, new article links, new company news. If your business caters to a particular community of users — consider having a communities section on your site, or a blog.

  7. Add a message boards or forum to your website. This will allow the users to interact with each other. It is quite simple to add these message boards, not to mention inexpensive. You do need to commit to keep an eye on it and moderate.

  8. Establish trust in your users. Many consumers have now been burned by online experiences, so you must quickly establish business bona fides. Web design (see No. 1 above) can help put customers at ease, but you must also establish individual credibility.  You can post all your speaking engagements, your media appearances, and any associations you are involved with. Add client testimonials and any expert credentials you possess.

  9. Become a “solution” guide for your readers. No matter what your website is about, you have a field of expertise. Use it. Offer information, become the expert. It is fun for you to share your knowledge and will bring your readers back again and again.

  10. Connect with your readers.  Make is easy for them to come to back. Personally answer comments and questions. Add a bookmarking and share plugin on your blog. Build a list of readers. It is still about the human touch online. Be more than an ad for your book or product, become a destination.

    To learn more- visit Linda Lee at
    www.askmepc-webdesign.com. 510-582-2837 or email lindalee!askmepc.com 


10 Essential WordPress Plugins- Here is the list.

1. Askimet, ( comes with all WordPress installs.)
2. Tinymce Advanced
3. SEO by Yoast
4. Google XML Sitemaps
5. WP Database Manager
6. AddThis Social Bookmarking
7. Broken Link Checker
8. Contact Form 7
9. Social Media Widget
10. Another Related Post, or YARP

For the SEO Webinar-

Here are the links for the FREE Google SEO for Beginners Guide.

Google has their own free guide you can get a copy of here.  


Googles guide to checking out if an SEO person for hire is legit. 


Googles Webmaster Guide 


SEObook tool for Firefox


Seo tool for firebox seobook.com


Most traffic for highly successful blogs comes from search engines like Google or Bing. Search engine visitors are more likely to buy products, click on advertisements, and sign up to newsletters. The question is then, how do bloggers get search engine traffic?

Search engine optimization or SEO is how to take your blog from a low traffic site to an optimized high traffic blog. The key is to follow some important search engine rules, use some of the webs most valuable tools, and work on making your content friendly to both search engines and human readers. I have put together a few of my favorite tools and tips for better seo below.

Tools to help you with SEO

Keyword Position Tool

Chalkboard ThIf you are curious about how your current seo is doing or you have made some recent seo adjustments and are looking for ways to check if they worked, just check out the Keyword Position Tool. With this seo tool you will be able to check a specific keyword with a specific url to find the search engine position for the url. This is useful to check both for yourself and your competition to see how to improve your positioning and whether you are moving up on the list or down.

Link Popularity

HandsAnother important element in seo optimization is link analysis. Bloggers need to know how many links they have for a given url or address and what the quality of the links are. To do this you can use a Link Popularity Tool. It is quick and easy, just put in your url and find out. Again this is a great tool to improve your own blog or to understand your competition for specific keywords. If you are in the 9th spot for a keyword, check out the 6,7, and 8th spots to see what it will take to overpass them.

Meta Analyzer

A meta analyzer looks at the meta description and keywords of either your blog or another blog based upon the url you input. The best way to use this tool is to check out other blogs you are competing with to see how they are getting traffic and what keywords they are using. Meta Analyzer Tool

Keyword Difficulty

Teal Chair THKnow whether your competition for a certain keyword will be difficult or if you will be able to become the top url for the search engines. Do this by using the Keyword Difficulty Checker. Use it and the tool will give you a percentage of difficulty. The higher the precentage the more difficult it will be to achieve success on the keyword.

W3C Validation

search imageBlogussion has an article to describe more about W3C Validation and give instructions on why it it is important. The main thing is that if your site is not up to the standards set by W3C then search engines will be less favorable to you. So get your blog up to standard by checking your site with this official Validation Tool.

Bad Neighborhood Link

blogging_tips_smallA bad neighborhood is a link in which your blog is being associated with spam or other indecent sites on the internet. Not only is this not helpful to your blog but it actually damages your blogs reputation with search engines. Use the Bad Neighborhood Tool to see if you are being negatively effected. Note, each bad link should be evaluated as the tool is not as subjective



Here are the links and offers I mention during some of my Webinars.

linda lee webinars author learning center Offer for Author Learning Center Attendees- If you sign up for your own hosting with me or if you want to go sign up directly with Host Gator, (for this offer from me, you need to use the Host Gator special discount link below). I will install and set up WordPress for you for free. After you sign up, simply email me your account information from your new hosting account and your domain name login so I can point the DNS for your to your new WordPress website that I will set up for you!

If you use me for your hosting, you get me as a bonus!
I take great care of my clients, and you can call me for help anytime.
Call me at 510-582-2837 to order your new hosting account with me!

Sign up for a Free WordPress Site

Setting up a Gravatar

Helpful Articles and Resources

What is the difference between WordPress.com and a self hosted WordPress website?

What is a Pingback?

10 Ways to Make Your Website Sticky- How to Keep Your Readers Coming Back for More. 

Bonus Download Handout, click below for the PDF download.   How to make your website sticky- 10 ways to keep your readers coming back 

 planning for your website worksheet

Free 30 minute consultation with me about your website or online presence.

To view my portfolio please click here.

Please go here and fill out my pre-planning sheet. I will contact you and set up a time to chat.  


Products that I use and recommend.

Learn WordPress Website


I use AWeber for my email program. I find AWeber easy to use, they have templates if you want to use those for your newslettter. They are very helpful and you can call them or use their help section. This is important to me because when I need help I want to be able to call a company and also not be charged extra for help. Here is a free trial sign up, so you can actually try it first before you commit.

Can You Have More Sales, Too? Helping over 102,000+ businesses like yours raise profits and build customer relationships using AWeber's opt-in email marketing software for over 10 years.
Take a Free Test Drive today!


Learn WordPress Website

snagit take web video, graphics, screen captures, draw on images and more

Another Product I mentioned is Snagit by Techsmith. They also make Camtasia, which you may of heard of. Snagit is a fast and easy way to work with images, "snag" things off the internet, resize and work with images you already have, and now they have built in a recorder that allows you to use your web cam or record your desktop and upload it to youtube or they will give you a free Screencast account to keep videos on. Here is their website, and a video on the features.

Learn WordPress Website


domain name manager with godaddy

Domain Names- Click here to sign up for a domain name account with godaddy.  This is the ONLY thing I reccommend godaddy for. I do not recommend them for hosting or any other products. They charge extra for everything and their website is always changing, trying to upsell you all the time, and confusing. It is a decent place to buy and keep track of your domain names. They are all in once place and easy to set up for whatever hosting you select.
Don't forget when you renew your domains, looks for coupons. Also do not buy your names for years in advance, you save more using coupons each year!



Learn WordPress Website

Web hosting WordPress Professional Top Notch

linda lee webinars author learning centerOffer for Author Learning Center Attendees- If you would like to use me for hosting, I will install and set up WordPress for you for free.
I will also send you my WordPress mini course, with 10 instructional videos on how to use WordPress. You can email me or call me for this offer.

Email me: Click Here or call me at the number 510-582-2837

WebHosting- I run my own web hosting company for clients and it is only 95 a year. This includes unlimited bandwidth, emails and two stat programs in your hosting control panel, unlimited sub-domains and add on domains and is very easy to use and understand. I am a reseller for HostGator, who are the 2nd largest hosting company in the U.S. I manage and oversee all my clients accounts and I am on call 24/7 if any issues come up. Which I can happily say rarely occurs. The reason people choose to go with me is personal service and I am always there to help. If you are interested in using me for hosting, please contact me at 510-582-2837.


Learn WordPress Website



Click here to visit rocketgenius. Gravity Forms is simply the best form program I have ever used. All my clients are using it now. It works with paypal, authorize.net and slide. It is like having on online file system. You can make extensive multiple forms and every submission has a copy of it saved on your site under entries. You can then export whatever fields you want, such as email, names, event special orders, and it will export to an excel file or format and basically you have a lifetime of records always on your site. Also with companies work with, it allows for you have you VA or assistants login and handle thing and see who has paid or signed up. The San Francsico Writers Conference is now using this sytem to register atteendees, Womens National Book Association for membership and many many organizations I work with. To see how it works, you can watch my youtube video I made for clients already using the system.



Learn WordPress Website


A great FREE and fast tool if you need to check
your html or codes you are bringing over from other places. Ever had html codes that just would not work? Drop them in here and see if they work. If they do , then you know it is something else, not the code. I can't live without this little tool. Practice Board. Click here. Super easy and so helpful, I use it all the time for over a decade now.

Learn WordPress Website



FREE -Struggling with Colors for your website? This is a fun place to look at color schemes. http://www.colorcombos.com/


Learn WordPress Website


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