I don't read minds.
I do not read minds
I used to think this was one of my strongest attributes.
That is until about the 90th redo of a button or graphic, which it turns out you had a different vision for. 
Please let me know exactly what you want if you have an idea already.
Sometimes you like my ideas better, either way is good.
 Please use my forms and planning sheets. Please use my planning sheets.
They will help you.  I promise!
They certainly help me. Refer back to #1.
 Managing my time and projects
Managing my time.
Now there is an co·nun·drum. (I love Webster's online)
Here is the way it works. I am never caught up.
I have realized I never will be.
So... First Come, First Serve.
Whoever has completed the forms and
paid the deposit/bill goes first.
 Credit, paypal, checks and cash
Payments I accept: Cash, Credit Cards,
Paypal and even Checks
(with a box of See's Candy to make sure I can trust you.)
Surprise me, I like them all. Actually, I don't like those Mayfairs.
 copywriter services askmepc-web design
I am not a copywriter. I am the architect of your site.
You decide what you want to say.
If you need help in that area, I know some wonderful and
talented copywriters who would be happy to work for you.
Mary E. Knippel and Nina Amir
are both available for work.
Very important!
You may send your copy to me in word or any simple text program.
I do not spell-check or check the grammar.
 supply me with your art and photo and graphics
Graphics, Photos and Clip Art.
Please supply me with the images you want used
on your site.
I do not check copyrights, that is your responsibility.
There are literally thousands of free and very inexpensive clip art
packages. I do offer custom graphics and logos and buttons and just about
anything you may need in this area, see here.
ask me pc web design affordable creative websites for you!

You can send me your art and photos and music
on a CD or through email.
Email is good. Just use a zip file. I can open any files except Mac,
since I don't have one.  If it is a project like a slide show,
You need to resize the images. (ask me about size, it varies)
We will discuss this ahead of time.
Most things you send me should be as small as possible.
I can resize things but I do charge my hourly rate for over a certain amount of pieces.
I also have art I use for my clients, so you won't need to supply everything!


Maintenance and updates are on an hourly basis.

classes and online newsletter and training askempc web designer           

I also offer classes and one and one instuction
on how to work with your blog and website.

  • WordPress Training, WordPress Teacher, WordPress Tutoring.   
  • How to promote your website/blog.
  •  Social Media and Networking,
     (Facebook, Linkedin,Twitter, Youtube, Craigslist, Amazon, eBay, and Yelp.)
  • How to monitize your websites/blogs

I also do one on one training and I work all over the world using remote training, which is where I can get on your computer and we can work on your site or blog together from your own home and computer!

The cost for 2 hours is 189.00 or for group over 4 only 99.00 per person for a 4 hour hands on session at a meeting place, or remote training session with a break in the middle.

 Please contact me for scheduling.




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