WordPress is an amazing Content Management System
and Publishing Platform. See what we can do for you!


Rebecca Martin Founder of Dearjane.info, Linda Lee Founder Askmepc-webdesign, and Matt Mullenweg (creator and Head Honcho of WordPress.) at WordCamp 2009 in San Francisco.

Blogging is a fast and easy way to get started online. A blog is a website.
Many people are confused over this. Blog stands for web log. When blogs first started, they were used more as an online journaling tool. We have come very far from those days.

As a small business owner or author or small to medium size business a blog website is the ideal way to go.
One of the things that was discussed at WordCamp  is the fact that WordPress is a very robust content management system.

At WordCamp , they told me they now call it a "Publishing Platform".
WordPress is now the number one content management system used online.
As of Sept 2012, it has over 100 million users!

Some of the benefits of choosing a WordPress website platform are:

  •  Get started fast with a predone template
  •  You can update and control the content yourself

A WordPress website is a "content management system" or "Publishing Platform", which allows Web site owners to update and maintain Web content without the need for HTML or development skills.  Using a simple browser-based editor, site owners can publish text, pictures, links, documents and a variety of other content to their site without the need for a web developer, greatly reducing the overall cost of a dynamic website.   This allows site owners to keep their site information up-to-date on their own.

Do you currently have an old HTML website?

We can convert that for over to a full website built on WordPress.
We can even keep your design and convert that if you want.
Here are some reasons you may be considering moving your HTML site to WordPress.

  1. Easy to update and run your site yourself.
  2. Search engines LOVE WordPress Content Management, you get great exposure and it is to SEO your website with simple plugins.
  3. Beautiful, modern designs and always up to date with what you need on the Web.
  4. Easy to change the look or anything you want on your site
  5. Mobile Ready, Wordress Mobile plugin turns your website into a mobile friendly website.
  6. If you would like to get a quote and discuss turning your current website into an easy to use WordPress Content Management Website, just fill out my pre-planning form and I will call you to discuss the details.


HTML Website Conversation to WordPress Website

 I offer training videos and support, so you will not have to worry about that. 

 Here are a few sample websites I created using WordPress. These are fully functioning websites, and I bet you would not even guess they are WordPress websites if you still think all WordPress does is straight blogs.

Click the image and take a look at what we can create for you!










WordPress-XsitePro-Computer-Training  Coaching, Consulting and Training.
You tell us what you need.

 WordPress Expert Training for beginners  WordPress Training Course-Remote training on your own computer, one on one with Linda Lee
 WordPress Expert Training for beginners  Xsite Pro Training
 WordPress Expert Training for beginners  Basic Internet Training
 WordPress Expert Training for beginners  We will help you with whatever you need!

          Remote access training with you on your computer!

2 hours rate 149.00
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Affordable Custom Websites & Blogs

Do you need a Website or Blog?
Have one and want to take it to the next level?

Askmepc-webdesign is friendly and easy to
work with, we understand your needs.

 Always available on the phone
All sites are SEO, (Search Engine Optimized.)
We have many services and tutorials to help you after your    
        website or blog is launched

Paypal Payments, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Amex Set Up
Custom Logos, Graphics, Ads and more
Hosting, unlimited emails, and WordPress set up
        included with askmepc hosting package.   

Slideshows, flash effects, flash ads and special effects.
Video tutorials and a private online forum for support.

To learn more, visit us today
Linda Lee 510-582-2837

Working with Linda is a delight
She produces fast, great results with her strong technical and artistic knowledge and skills."
Dr. Tom Hanson




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