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Inspire, Educate & Connect Every Entrepreneur on the Planet.

In a world where entrepreneurs are often divided by borders, cultural differences and competition, it’s easy to lose sight of what we all have in common.

BTD seeks to overcome that — to help entrepreneurs see themselves in others — through the power of real-time interaction.

Our purpose is to share practical business knowledge, personal stories and experiences to help grow a new generation of entrepreneurs.

We started out (in 2008) as a conference to bring together amazing entrepreneurs to share their experience in creating and growing businesses.

Since then its scope has broadened, along with the annual BTD Conference in San Francisco, California, BTD is looking to expand to China and Europe in 2010 with one goal in mind: To connect entrepreneurs and learn from each other.

BizTechDay San Francisco

The BizTechDay Conference, held annually in San Francisco, is the heart of BTD. With almost 1,000 attendees for the 2009 conference, the content has expanded to include Science, Business, The arts and current global issues.

The annual conference in San Francisco brings together the most fascinating entrepreneurs and doers who have been there and done that. They care about helping other entrepreneurs by sharing their practical business strategies, experience and personal stories.

For BizTechDay 2010 will run for 14 hours, with 9 entrepreneurial speakers each taking a 45-minute slot. We will inspire, educate & connect, eat, drink and have lots of fun.

BizTechDay China 2010

will be held in June 2010 in Hong Kong and Shanghai to connect with entrepreneurs from China and America.

From Those Who Were There…

“WOW! I was not sure what to expect – but I loved the many different elements in the day. I enjoyed that it was short topics (45 minutes) so you got a taste of many things during the day and could then follow up where interested at the networking session.”

“The energy & enthusiasm were high. The speakers were really engaged. It was all great – the keynote, the sessions, the mini genius sessions. All fantastic.”

So many experts that share what works for them. Valuable up-to-date technical information that entrepreneur like myself can really use. Lots of encouragement also to see so many other entrepreneurs in this turbulent time, so committed, and enthusiastic!”

How It All Started

In 2008, whilst talking with Gary Marshall from the Small Business Administration, Edith Yeung had a vision to produce BizTechDay, a conference that inspires entrepreneurs to create and grow their business with the help of technology. “I hear from businesses all the time looking specifically for this kind of help,” said Gary. “Entrepreneur will definitely benefit from an amazing event like this.”

In true entrepreneurial spirit, Edith thought, what a great idea, why not? As entrepreneurs, we go after what truly resonates with us, we do things that we love and we give our all to make it happen.

We are true believers in taking control of one’s destiny and going after what may seem to be the impossible.

Edith Yeung

Edith YeungEdith Yeung is a force of nature.” says Mark O’Leary, Comcast Regional Vice President. Edith is the founder of BizTechDay, guest host of CBS 5 Startup Profile, speaker, entrepreneur, blogger, consultant & someone who makes things happen.

Edith is passionate about connecting entrepreneurs. She has delivered many content rich, high-energy and memorable talks in US, Asia and Europe and leads San Francisco’s Entrepreneur Meetup Group with over 2700 members.

Edith has consulted and won multiple awards working with Fortune 500 companies including AT&T Wireless, Oracle, Siebel, Autodesk, Cisco Systems, Symantec, American Management Systems (AMS), Telstra Australia, Matav Hungary Telecom and Taiwan Semi-Conductor.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Edith moved to the United Stated by herself at the age of 16 and survived the culture shock with minimum English. Edith has led many lives: pianist, square dancer, software engineer, corporate slave, road warrior, consultant and entrepreneur. Early 2007, she left Corporate America to pursue something really meaningful to her – her entrepreneurial dream of empowering the small business community.

Seth Godin recommends her as “the person I would hire.” Edith Yeung has been featured on CBS 5, Comcast, World Journal News, Sing Tao Daily News, Marketing Sherpa and Sales & Marketing Management Magazine.
A board member of the San Francisco Small Business Week and National Association of Women Business Owners, Edith Yeung graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Industrial Management and minors in Information Technology & Marketing. She lives in San Francisco.



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