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  Why every writer and author needs a website


7 Reasons Why Every Writer Needs
to have a Website or a Blog.

The Internet has profoundly changed the way people communicate with each other.
This has also impacted businesses and altered the way they do business.
If you are serious about writing, you need an online presence.
Here are 7 reasons why.

1. Be easy to find.
In today's world, people find you though the Internet.
The Internet has become the yellow pages to the world.
People now google someone they meet or hear about to learn more.
You don't want to miss those opportunities.
Each time someone finds your website or
blog, you have an opportunity to promote yourself and your product.

2.  Showcase your work.
Your website or blog serves as your portfolio.
This is where you showcase
your work and your talent.
You can use your website like a resume.
Have your biography and a section with samples.
You can create your press kit for easy access.
You can have your podcasts or
any radio show appearances on your site.
You also want to list all your contact information.

3.  Branding.
As writers our name is our brand.
This is an opportunity to get your name out there 24/7.
The Internet is always "on" and fresh content is a priority for search engines.
With your site you have a palette to showcase and present yourself to the world.

You will want to have your website address on all your written materials.
Editors and agents can peruse your work in your sample section.
Having you own website or blog gives you the opportunity to promote yourself online, submit your articles to online services like e-zine or join an article submission service for a small monthly fee. They will distribute your articles for you.
Always place a short line about yourself and a link to your website in all your work.
Internet marketers and website owners are starved for content, and as a writer you can provide it.
This will stay out there online for years and reap you benefits and new customers or readers
long after you have written the article.
There are also services you can sign up for where people will hire you to write articles for them, such as

5.  Creativity and Fun!
To utilize and enjoy your creativity, start a blog.
Blogging is a great way to get traffic from the right audience for the right reasons.
This is your chance to express yourself while attracting an audience who shares your interests and wants to hear what you have to say. When you add a blog to your website, you instantly will see an increase in traffic.
 Search engines love fresh content and blogs are an easy
and fast way to provide new content.

6. Build a mailing list.
This is critical if you want to begin to market and sell yourself and your product.
You can offer a monthly or bi monthly newsletter. You can tell your clients and interested parties about products you recommend and you can do this as an affiliate to make money.
This is also a potential list of buyers for your books and future books, teleseminars, classes, podcasts and any personal appearances or speaking you may be offering.

7. Monetize your site.
Earn a little income back with your site. If you can begin to build some traffic and an audience for your website or blog, you can make money from your site.
 This involves joining some affiliate programs such as Amazon and Adsense.
Almost every company now offers an affiliate program where if you discuss a product and use your affiliate link to the company, you will earn a commission if the customer buys.
Amazon actually will credit you for anything someone buys through your link
for up to 24 hours. The commissions run from 2-5%.

Most people now use the Internet to find what they are looking for.
Don't miss out  by not having a web presence. You don't have to
understand computers or be a techie. There are many great website
designers and professionals available to help you get started.
Click here for a free quote  on a website or a blog for your business.


Linda Lee offers coaching and consulting on how to promote
your website and blog.
She also can help you with affliate set up and marketing.
SEO Website and Blog custom design and redesigns
and hosting are all avaliable at askmepc-webdesign.com


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by ©Linda Lee

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