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  • Best Basic SEO Rules, Search Engine Optimization Rules
  • Eyetracking visualizations show that users often read Web pages in an F-shaped pattern: two horizontal stripes followed by a vertical stripe.
  • 5 ways you will lose visitors to your website. See what drives customers away in website design
  • 7 reasons and tips why every writer or author needs a website.
  • About Linda Lee Contact Page
  • Linda Lee is presenting a series of helpful free classes about getting online for yourself and your business. Subjects include, getting started blogging, how to promote your business online, online marketing and much more.
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  • Biz Tech Day In 2008, whilst talking with Gary Marshall from the Small Business Administration, Edith Yeung had a vision to produce BizTechDay, a conference that inspires entrepreneurs to create and grow their business with the help of technology. “I hear from businesses all the time looking specifically for this kind of help,” said Gary. “Entrepreneur will definitely benefit from an amazing event like this.”
  • Hub | WordPress | Training | Updates | Tutorials
  • Using your blog to increase vistors and traffic to your website.
  • Wondering what your page rank is? Use our easy to use and friendly tool, page rank checker. How to check your page ranking on google. Page Rank Checker Google What is your PR?
  • Great Deal on over 1800 pieces of Clip Art
  • Linda Lee WordPress Expert, Website Designer Event Schedule
  • Learn how to use forums, bulletin boards and message boards to increase your traffic and get new business. Askmepc also creates and installs custom forums and BB boards.
  • Send us a message for a free 30 minute website or WordPress Website or blog design consultation today! Attract new and repeat visitors to your site by keeping your website fresh. Also, update your content regularly. This keeps readers coming back for more, and you gain benefits with search engine optimization
  • The BEST FREE proven anti spyware programs you can find. Fight viruses, spyware, infections, and a messed up computer with these free tools.
  • Frequently Asked Web Design Questions Professional Web Design Services
  • Learn about SEO from Google. Download the Google Starter Guide Here
  • There are many reasons that you might want to up your internet speed, and many ways to get better speeds on your computer. Here are some helpful tips on how to get faster download times and speed while downloading.
  • How people read a web page. Heat maps and hot spots for to help you design your website.
  • How to add an image in your sidebar using the WordPress. Video directions for easy use.
  • How to create a great landing page. What makes a good landing page? Learn how at askmepc-webdesign.com
  • Internet Basics 6 week course. Get started online, learning with our easy to understand and easy to follow online course.
  • How to build links and get links to help your rankings in the search engines
  • "Long tail" keywords, what are they? How can they help you with website traffic and help you in the search engine engines rankings.
  • Maui Photo Festival Bringing together the top talent to share their knowledge and training with you! Linda Lee Volunteer Director, Askmepc-webdesign, smartwomenstupidcomputers Rick Sammon, Eddie Tapp, Jim Sweet, David Rose, Judy Host, Clark Little, Russell Brown, Randy Hufford, Randy Jay Braun, Scott Bourne, Dane Sanders, Eli Reed, David Fleetham, Jack Reznicki, Julieanne Kost, Tony Novak Clifford, Andy Dunaway, Stacy L. Pearsall, David Rose,Maui Photo Festival, Russell Preston Brown Bringing together the top talent to share their knowledge and training with you! Rick Sammon, Eddie Tapp, Jim Sweet, David Rose, Judy Host, Clark Little, Russell Brown, Randy Hufford, Scott Bourne, Jim Sugar
  • Best newsletter helping you succeed and make money online. Wordpress tips, Computer help, Affliate Marketing, Making money online, how to make money, profitable websites, email marketing, success online, selling online, social media, social networking, how to make money online.
  • Confessions of a web designer! A must read for all my clients! No seriously, please read this before you fill out my forms for webdesign.
  • WordPress Portfolio Website Portfolio Non Profit Websites Education WordPress Sites Author Websites Author WordPress sites Real Estate Doctor Website
  • Askmepc-webdesign Professional Web Design specializes in WordPress Websites, Convert your Website to WordPress, WordPress Expert, Affordable Websites, Affordable WordPress Website, Wordpress, marketing, training, logos, click here now custom wordpress website pricing, pre planning website
  • Products that you must have. Tools for using the internet and working with your websites. These are indispensable helpful tools for online. I use these for real!
  • Tips on how to hire a web designer and what things to consider before hiring a web design company. Hiring a Web Designer Check List & Tips. You know you need a Website... but who will build it for you? Get the facts from Linda Lee, a WordPress website expert on what you should know and questions to ask before you hire.
  • Contact us for help on how to redesign your website,
  • Must have tools and resources to get started online. Email, hositng, WordPress templates, image tools, youtube, videos and more!
  • 2014 San Francisco Writers Conference Volunteer Sign Up, Linda Lee, Volunteer Director
  • Professional Web Site Design Service, WordPress Designer, Wordpress expert, Wordpress Website Desginer, Small Business Web Page Design, Web Designer, Web Design Company
  • Directions for creating a signature file, or sig file, how to includes videos.
  • Help for the technology challenged!
  • WordPress Expert Linda Lee speaker. Contact Linda Lee to speak at your conference or event. WordPress trainer, teacher and website creator. Linda Lee is a gifted and engaging speaker for any event. Linda Lee has been doing public speaking about the internet and websites and WordPress for over 10 years.
  • Plan your website with this planning sheet, wordpress or html websites.
  • Get started with your new website today. Fill out this interactive form and decide what you need and are looking for. We can help. Blog and Websites and hosting all custom and with our live person customer service. custom wordpress website pricing
  • Reviews and testimonials for AskMePc-Webdesign 90% of our business comes from referrals, let us partner with you for online success!
  • Some practical and calming words from an online expert. Don't let getting started online freak you out or stress you out. Tips to help you focus and get started online now.
  • How to build a search engine friendly seo site.
  • 32 ways to promote your website or online business. Updated information for the 21st century
  • Time Frame and Refund Policy Askmepc-webdesign
  • One on One coaching for WordPress, run your website , build a WordPress website, blogging and more! askmepc-website design. Learn how to use WordPress or take our Getting Started Online course. We remote on to your computer and teach you in your own home, using your computer.
  • Training for using Wordpress, Xsite Pro, Website or blogs, social media, and anything you may need to run your business online. Remote access and I work with you on your own computer. Or if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area we can get together and do the training session in person.
  • SEO Web statistics Google analytics Spiders and Search engines AWStats script stats package Server side stats html files, php files, image files understanding your web stats unique visitors hits what is a hit what does hit mean website counts for stats web count traffic web traffic
  • How to start a website for free video series How to make money online. How to use youtube, facebook and twitter
  • Linda Lee special offers for Author Learning Solutions Webinar attendees
  • What fonts are safe for web site design. Safe fonts in website design Font to use when designing a web site.
  • XSitePro v2 is premium website designer software, designed to make it easier and quicker than ever to build a great-looking, professional web site, packed full of Web 2.0 features. Now in its second major release, the XSitePro website design software takes web design to a whole new level of simplicity, power and control. Perfect for new users, businesses and experienced users alike
  • What is an RSS feed and how do I set one up?
  • WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything WordPress
  • How much does it cost for a website? How do I start a website or a WordPress Website or blog? Need a professional WordPress Website or WordPress Training... Professional WordPress Website Developer and Expert, Linda Lee
  • Learn how to use WordPress with Linda Lee. WordPress teacher, tutor and trainer WordPress specialist. WordPress Expert
  • Learn about all the great choices you have for Wordpress themes
  • WordPress Training by Linda Lee Learn how to use WordPress WordPress specialist.
  • Learn WordPress. Fast and simple WordPress Training by Linda Lee Two hours one on one, remote sessions on your computer. You customize the lessons and learn what you want to learn. WordPress Teacher Word Press Teacher
  • Work Request form for clients of askmepc-webdesign Please place your orders using this form.
  • San Francisco Writing for Change Conference,inspirational writing,motivational writing. From the personal to the planetary, the Writing For Change 2010 Conference believes that great nonfiction is Changing the World One Book at a TimSan Francisco Writing for Change Conference,inspirational writing,motivational writing
  • Yelp Reviews Askmepc-webdesign



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