April 24, 2014

How to get rid of and remove the Lizamoon virus fake “Windows Stability Center” virus

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Fake Windows Stability Center Trojan. How to get rid of it.

Virus security software calls itself “Windows Stability Center” LizaMoon SQL injection:

To continue the story from a few days ago. My daughter was doing a search for her term paper, and when she did the google image search, this virus came up. This fake security software calls itself “Windows Stability Center” and is known as the LizaMoon SQL injection: Windows Stability Center Trojan.

We killed the process and got out of the window, and thought all was well, since she never clicked anything or downloaded anything.  Well she continued her research the next day and did a google image search again, and the message keeps popping up in Firefox, but not Internet Explorer. So I am not sure why that is happening other then she is finding many infected websites in image search.  So now we are not sure what is up and when I did some research on how to tell for sure if you are infected and how remove it, I was finding this topic all over the map.

There were many different sets of directions and opinions in the geek community. I suppose they all may work, but some are quite technical for your average home PC user, which it turns out is the main victim in this scam virus.

What I personally recommend is installing and running Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware It is free and it works really well for removing bad things off your computer.
You can safely download the free version here.

Some of the other articles I found that are helpful. Do not download anything from these sites, they do have google ads and product ads on them. Just read the content.

Automated Removal Instructions for Windows Stability Center using Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware

How to defeat Lizamoon in one easy step. ( this just tells you some good info on the virus and how to avoid it, not remove it).

Clean up begins after massive website attack-BBC

I want to update, I recently clicked a link and it was of course .ru, as soon as I saw that I knew I was screwed.
There is a new version of this sucker , so new I don’t think there is a name for it, but it is exactly the same.
Here are some excellent directions, once again for removing it. I lost 2 hours fixing my computer AGAIN.

Here are some excellent detailed directions on how to remove the fake Internet Security virus.


You have to boot up in safe mode and there are few different things you need to do, but this walks you through each step.
Most of us have two computers handy, so what I do is have the directions on one computer, while fixing the other one.
It is such a drag that this happens. I just hate these criminals and all the damage they cause, don’t you?

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You know if it happens to me, it can happen to anyone.




Frozen Computer Screen from virus-how to get out of the fake virus screen, or LizaMoon Virus

How to get out of a virus frozen screen on your computer.

Click image to see a large version of the screen.

lizamoon virus fake screen

So you have a frozen computer screen or a screen you cannot get past? Here is my story.

I started to write this post yesterday, and saved it as a draft.

In the meantime my daughter was working on her finals for school, and I told her about this Liza Moon virus and warned her if anything odd came up and told her she was infected, let me see it.
The next day she was doing a google image search for her paper and clicked an image and got the warning.
She brought the computer to me and I was honestly surprised. There it was, the lizamoon virus. Luckily, she never clicked anything, so she did not get infected. But this is a very tricky one. It looks legit, and I feel bad for all the innocent people who will get this.
Especially the senior citizens. When I work on computers for Seniors it breaks my heart how messed up their computers usually are. Spyware, extra spammy toolbars, and just all kind of annoyances that make it so unpleasant to work online.
What happens is a little spoof window comes up telling you are infected, and then even if  you try to close the window to get off you are in trouble. Either choice leaves you with the virus window there and ready to run.
There is a way to get out of this type of situation however.

What you want to do is hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete, all at the same time.
This will bring up your Task Manager.
Next select Processes in the Windows Task Manager.
You will then see the fake process name in the list. ( In this case I think it is called “Windows Stability Center” for this Virus)
Just click it and select “end process”. Then get out of there and off that website!
Or you can try the shorter set of  Alt + f4, which closes a window.

You will have just averted a disaster. By the way  you can use this same trick for any program you get stuck on.
I use it all the time when Firefox, or IE freeze on me or hang or a program stops working.

I made a fast video for you on how to do this.
This is on Windows 7 so it is a little different looking than if you have XP, but the process is the same.
View in full size, it is nice and clear.

UPDATE 3-10-12
I just got this virus AGAIN, and it would not let me kill the process.
Here are the directions for what to do if that happens to you.

Many viruses will lock you out of your computer by giving you a frozen computer screen or a start up screen you cannot get past.
You can actually get past the fake screen. Watch my video.

Here is a good video that will show you exactly how the virus looks and works.
I have the HD version, click the button to make it full size when you watch.
It will help see what is going on with the virus fake ware and fake screens.

Here is a good article on the LizaMoon virus. Click this sentence to view.
Another good article.

I have updated with more resources and directions for the Internet Security Fake Screen and Virus Scanner here:

Good luck and please leave a comment so we can know we are helping others get out of this situation and if have any helpful advice yourself for this situation.