How to block a website in Google search results. How to exclude sites google search.

exclude sites google search

How to exclude a site in a google search, exclude sites in google search, or block a website, and sites in google search.

The site that forced me to finally figure out how to block or  sites google search was
It is frustrating to keep getting websites in google search you wish you could block or exclude.

One way to exclude sites google search from a site you do not want is to add or you do not like, so your search looks like this, “turkey recipe” .

This is what I used to do until I discovered this:
(this will not work unless you are logged into your google account first).
If you don’t have one, sign up for one, they are free.

This allows you to permanently block or exclude websites you do not want in your search results.
If you change your mind, you can go back and edit your choices, so no worries there.
So block away and enjoy better results that YOU want in your searches.

Good luck with blocking sites you want to avoid and to exclude sites google search

Also please leave a comment and tell me what sites you were going crazy enough on to find this post.

This post is my highest traffic post! People from all over the world land here trying to block sites that they do not want to see in their results.

2013 update: Google has abandoned this set up.
You can no longer exclude sites google search using this method.

Manage Blocked Sites (DISCONTINUED)
Dear users,

We have discontinued offering the blocked sites feature for now. We continue to offer the Chrome extension for blocking sites, and will reconsider features for blocking unwanted search results in the future. 

You may download your blocked sites list as a text file below.

Even though people have kicked and screamed about it, they turned this feature off and said it would be brought back and they never did.
I did find a very simple and very effective method using an extension you install on Chrome. You must use Chrome as your browser to use this system, but it works like a dream. I made a video to explain it step by step. I will say Chrome has replaced Firefox now as my primary browser. It has tons of great addons and extentions and it runs very fast.
If you have not tried it yet, give it a try. You can download it here.

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    • Linda Lee says

      Thanks Jeff! This is the kind of stuff that when you are going crazy and want to block something, you need simple and clear directions on how to do it.
      I love blocking sites I find a total waste of time.

  1. Lauren says

    Thanks so much! There used to be a way to do this on the google advanced search page, but they took it off! I like to exclude a site when I am looking for reviews/comments/ratings about a particular company but don’t want to dig through all of their own pages first. Now I can just exclude a site right from the main search page. Awesome tip! Thanks again!

  2. Ruben Schouten says

    Thanks you so very very much! I have been looking for this for some time now. I really hate all those hundreds of sites that get a hit on any search result, have about three “sponsored results” for the exact thing you are looking for (even if you’re looking for a “hextauliporasimorius”) and then report you that you need to sign up (and pay) first before you can download. Finally an easy way to get rid of this crap, thanks again and greetings from the Netherlands.

    • Linda Lee says

      Thank you for your comment. Lately I noticed now is putting subjects before their domain name so I still get some results I do not want from them.
      like, so somehow this will still show up even though I have blocked Frustrating!

      • Eshwar says

        Google still excludes I searched for “linux startup programs order” without logging in and the first result was “” but when I logged in and did the same search I dont see any link in the results.

        I blocked and not

  3. Eshwar says

    I wanted exactly this and was not aware of this google feature. For a long time I have wanted to exclude from my search results and I have experimented with some bookmarklets. Today I searched for “how to exclude all results from google research” and landed here. Thanks!

    • Linda Lee says

      Eshwar » I am so glad to help. This drove me nuts for years, that is why when I discovered a successful way to block or any other sites I had to post it for others. It has been a successful post for sure. :)

  4. David Hysom says

    Thanks so much! I’m not sure which I dislike most:, yahoo answers, or netxtag. Goodbye to them forever!

  5. Linda Lee says

    I agree, and add one more to the list,
    I was trying to fix my Dad’s electric wheelchair and all that kept coming up was stupid site, which is a content aggregator, link farms and scraper site… all this site does is pull things from other sources and show those results. I was so annoyed. As soon as I blocked it, the first REAL legitimate answer that showed up, was exactly what I needed to fix the problem.

  6. Chris S says

    Exactly the reason I came here, to learn how to block from Google results. Fantastic. is always irritating.

  7. Linda Lee says

    I noticed now is getting tricky on urls as well, you now find this kind of result, , so that is won’t read as simply it now has a sort of sub name created. Grrrrr. But this method does eliminate the majority of the problem.

  8. derick says

    Even though I am signed in it won’t allow me to block searched websites because when I try to it asks me to sign in again. Google sucks anyway. Guess it’s not working anymore.

  9. Henrik says

    Is this supposedly awesome feature still working? I am signed in, but when I hit the “Block site” button, the only thing that happens is that the input fields are cleared. The text “You currently have no blocked sites.” remains on the page.

  10. Dale says

    Henrik, I get the same issue. It always says I have no blocked sites and always says I can block 500 more sites. And that’s using Chrome so it shouldn’t be a browser issue. Oh, how I want to get rid of

  11. Ryan aka lonestranger says

    Dale and Henrik, you’re not alone. I’ve tried it (signed in to my Google account) in both Chrome and Firefox with no luck. Too bad, I really want to eradicate from my searches.

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  13. benny says

    i have try to block “” from “”
    by adding “” in to the block site column, but it did not work

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