April 6, 2014

Learn WordPress Live at WP Bootcamp, Nov 10, Mills College, Oakland

Learn WordPress  hands on live training and teachingLearn WordPress Live. Do you need to learn WordPress or enhance and refresh your current skills?


Many people start to use their WordPress website, and then forget some of what they may have already learned or never figured out things like uploading images correctly, how to name your images for search engine optimization, or things like the best plugins and tools to optimize and get the most out of your WordPress website. With our WordPress bootcamps, we offer you live  and hands on help with WordPress.

During WordPress bootcamp you will be working on live test sites with hands on help in a small classroom environment.
Classes are limited to 8. Class sizes range from 4-10.
We still have room for Mills College, Nov 10th, 2012 WordPress Bootcamp training class.

In our half day bootcamp you will learn the topics below. 

1.  Logging In

Several ways to login, and how to get to the dashboard.

Video 1

2. The Dashboard Part One

Media, Links, Pages, Posts, Comments.

3. Themes and Menus 

Custom Themes, Upgrade, Use free themes, search themes by color or layout.

Video 3

4. Custom Menu Section, Parent and Child Pages Explained

How to set up a custom menu, and what are parent and child pages?

Custom Menu Set up, Parent Child pages WordPress


5. General Settings Dashboard | User Section

Video 5 WordPress Bootcamp

6. General Settings Dashboard | Writing | Reading | Discussion


7. How to create and publish a Post or a Page

How to create a post and page in WordPress and set it up

8. Adding tags or keywords and categories

How to work with tags, keywords and catagories wordpress

9. Working with Images Part One

working with images wordpress


10. Working with Images Part Two |Slideshows and Gallery

Gallery, Images, Slideshows WordPress


WordCamp San Francisco 2011 Volunteering

Matt Mullenweg-Linda Lee-Rebecca Martin

Rebecca Martin, Linda Lee and Matt Mullenweg, Founder and bossman of WordPress

I do professional Volunteer Coordinating for organizations as a  PT job so I am always involved with volunteer opportunities. Here is a good one for all Bay Area WordPress users.

This will be my 4th year volunteering for #WCSF WordPress WordCamp San Francisco, and they just put their form up for those who are interested.  I can’t image doing this a week and half before a 3 day event, yipes, I do not envy that person. 8-O .

I emailed a pitch for the job of Volunteer Coordinator for #WCSF to Matt Mullenweg, but he did not get back to me! Gee maybe he is busy or something, lol. Anyway I wanted to get this up for those of you who would like to attend and help behind the scenes, which to me is always more fun then just being an attendee.

Click here for the 2011 Volunteer Form for WordCamp SF.

If you volunteer this year and found out about it from my blog post, please leave me a comment below or stop by and say Hello at the event. I will be working there Saturday and Sunday. Not sure where yet, but I will update when I get my assignment.

You can see the schedule here for speakers and sessions.  I also listed them below.
I am very excited this year because Brian Gardner of StudioPress Themes for WordPress and Copyblogger will be there and he said for me to look for him so we can chat a bit. I have been using his themes since he made and gave them away for free. I almost use StudioPress Themes for WordPress themes exclusively now.  Brian also has a great blog he writes and is someone to follow on twitter for sure.

If you buy a StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package, one of the perks is getting access to their support forum, where I met Rebecca Diamond, one of their moderators who has helped me so much over the years in that forum, and who is attending WordCamp SF this year as well. I want to a photo with both of them!

Buddy Press Developer Andy Peating with Linda Lee, Dustin Luther

Buddy Press Developer Andy Peating with Linda Lee, Dustin Luther


This is part of the fun when you do things you love and get involved, you get to meet people you admire and expand your universe.
Hope to see you there!

Here is the list of speakers for this year by day.


Mark Jaquith – Scaling, Servers, and Deploys — Oh My!
Sara Rosso – Introduction to the WordPress Ecosystem (likely a cleverer title to come)
Barry Abrahamson – Scaling and Servers Q&A
Austin Smith – From Drupal to WordPress
Shannon Smith – Multilingual Design
John Kleinschmidt – WordPress for the Greater Good (CURE)
Greg Veen – Web Fonts for Developers
John James Jacoby – BuddyPress (Title TBD)
Pete Davies – Vikings, Viagra and Versace: a brief history of spam


Nikolay Bachiyski – Unit Testing Will Change Your Life
Michael Adams – Secure IFrame Communication in a Pre-postMessage() World
Chelsea Otakan – Version Control for Designers
Andrew Nacin – Debugging in WordPress
Mark Jaquith, Jon Cave, Brad Williams – Security Showdown
Andy Skelton – Deep Voodoo: How the innermost innards of WordPress work
Daryl Koopersmith – Decisions, Not Options
Sara Cannon – Responsive Web Design
Aaron Jorbin – JavaScript Unit Testing (catchier title to come!)
Estelle Weyl – CSS Topic TBD
Otto Wood, Andrew Nacin – The Otto & Nacin Show


Dianne Jacobs – Killer Food Blogs
Matt Mullenweg – State of the Word/Town Hall
Hanni Ross – Top 5 Ways to Break Your Blog (and how to fix it)
Teru Kuwayama – Basetrack.org: Taking WordPress to War
Sheri Bigelow – Top 10 Features You Aren’t Using (But Should Be!)
Ryan Markel – Which WordPress Is Right for You?
Willo O’Brien – Title TBD