Fruit Spam using Instagram-Beware of links

Fruit Spam Instagram

Fruit spam? Fruit spam. If you've been noticing a strange rise of fruit-related pictures in your Instagram feed today, don't worry. Your friends haven't become (even more) obsessed with taking pictures of their healthy meals. Well, you might want to worry a wee bit, because the pictures might be linked to a fruit-themed spam attack that's slowly making its way around the popular photo-sharing … [Read more...]

Email Scams, Fake Email, How to check it video

Email Safety tips and scams

Fake Email, Email Scams, Email Viruses. Every day I get some very bad and dangerous email in my inbox. I run so many websites and have about 10 business email addresses, so between all of those I get quite the variety of fraudulent email. I have been teaching about this since 1999. I am going to start documenting on this post the email I get when I see a new scam, and help others avoid getting a … [Read more...]

Did your web design company or person leave you hanging?

Bad web designers who abandon their clients

I often get new business from very frustrated website owners who have basically been abandoned by the person or company they hired to help then with their website. Sometimes their websites are half finished on a test site and the person seems to have mysteriously disappeared or stopped answering their phone.   Other larger companies who offer website design, farm out the work, and slap the … [Read more...]

Better Business Bureau Fake Email Complaint Scam

BBB scam alert

If you  have gotten any email like the one I posted below, it is FAKE.The thing is I am not sure what they are trying to do.When you are unsure of an email one thing you can always count on aremisspelled  words, and bad grammar such as in this case when they say the complaint is in respect to their dealership???? What the heck does that even mean? "with respect to their dealership with … [Read more...]