How to Increase Website Traffic to Your Website

How to get more traffic to your website | 30 ways to increase web traffic

What can you do to stimulate and increase website traffic? How can you get more visitors to your website? People ask me, how can I increase my website traffic?Since I got started online back in 1998, I always taught the basics.Write real content and use real keywords, no tricky stuff.Well thank goodness for that because in the last two years Google made all kinds of great changes that just … [Read more...]

Did your web design company or person leave you hanging?

Bad web designers who abandon their clients

I often get new business from very frustrated website owners who have basically been abandoned by the person or company they hired to help then with their website. Sometimes their websites are half finished on a test site and the person seems to have mysteriously disappeared or stopped answering their phone.   Other larger companies who offer website design, farm out the work, and slap the … [Read more...]

What is a gravatar, and how do I get one?

Get a gravatar directions

Many people ask me how to get a gravatar, or really they ask me this, " How do I get one of those photos that will show up next to my name on other websites"? Many people do not even know what a gravatar is. A gravatar is an image you select , that is attached to whichever email you select, when you sign up for a gravatar here. This image to the left of me is a gravatar … [Read more...]

Email Marketing Programs. Why you need one to make money online.

Building your email list

Why do you need a professional email management program to make money and succeed online? I will tell you my story. When I started online in 1999, I hated spam, I hated email from" internet marketers", and I resisted all advice to start building an email list. I got very annoyed at people sending me email trying to sell me things. As time went on, I watched people I knew whom I knew personally who … [Read more...]

How can I set up a strategic system or tweet plan where I am not creating more work for myself?

How to save time twitter and facebook.

Kim Edwards is writing an article for the Independent Book Publishers Association, and she sent me some interview questions. One of the questions was: "How can I set up a strategic system or tweet plan where I am not creating more work for myself?". This is a great question for me because I just recently started using twitterfeed. This is a tool that has greatly increased my traffic, (doubled it … [Read more...]