How to Increase Website Traffic to Your Website

How to get more traffic to your website | 30 ways to increase web traffic

What can you do to stimulate and increase website traffic? How can you get more visitors to your website? People ask me, how can I increase my website traffic?Since I got started online back in 1998, I always taught the basics.Write real content and use real keywords, no tricky stuff.Well thank goodness for that because in the last two years Google made all kinds of great changes that just … [Read more...]

How to block a website in Google search results. How to exclude sites google search.

How to exclude website google

How to exclude a site in a google search, exclude sites in google search, or block a website, and sites in google search. The site that forced me to finally figure out how to block or  sites google search was It is frustrating to keep getting websites in google search you wish you could block or exclude. One way to exclude sites google search from a site you do not want is to add … [Read more...]