April 7, 2014

Email Scams, Fake Email, How to check it video

Email Safety tips and scamsFake Email, Email Scams, Email Viruses.

Every day I get some very bad and dangerous email in my inbox. I run so many websites and have about 10 business email addresses, so between all of those I get quite the variety of fraudulent email. I have been teaching about this since 1999. I am going to start documenting on this post the email I get when I see a new scam, and help others avoid getting a virus, or getting scammed. There is so much of it, I am just going to start with today’s inbox.

Did you know there is a way you can look at your questionable email safely? I made a video on how to do that. Best viewed in full screen mode.

Update 6/13

Fake “you have been tagged notifications” from Facebook.

Beware of fake Facebook Tag notifications

Be wary of fake emails claiming to be from Facebook saying that you have been tagged in a photograph [18 July 2012]

If you click on the link within the email, you are not taken immediately to the real Facebook website but instead taken to a site designed to infect your computer with malware. 

Within four seconds of clicking on the link your website browser is redirected to a Facebook page of a presumably entirely innocent individual.

If you look closely the email comes from a misspelt URL,mailto:notification@faceboook.com

The email reads as follows;

Subject: Christine McLain Gibs tagged a photo of you on Facebook


“Christine McLain Gibs” has added a photo of you 

 [See Photo] [See All Notifications]

Security on Facebook

Never click on links you can’t verify and always check to see if the spelling is correct.

Fake and Dangerous Docusign email. Has a virus in the attachment.

Update: 2/6/13 Fake Linkedin email! It said join my network and looked like a regular linkedin email.I clicked it to see who this person was , and bells went off on my computer, (Avast, best free protection EVER!)
and it closed the site and told me I just dodged a bullet and that that site was a vicious virus interjection website.
Whew. Scary!
So I went back and did the “view message source and guess what kids? It was not legit.
Well it fooled me, and I know what I am doing. That is how good these guys are, they are figuring out new ways 24/7 to get us and infect our computers! The majority of these guys operate out of Russia, Romania, Nigeria and Belgium.

This is what it looked like:
how to protect yourself from fake email

This is another fake email making the rounds right now.

Subject Line: Completed: Please DocuSign this document : Confidential Company Agreement 2013..pdf

This one spoofs your own email address and says it comes from yourself!
Docusign is aware of it and has a full warning on their website.


I have been viewing message source and getting lots of virus emails from “securebank.com”

Secure Bank does not seem to be a real bank and the website has a warning about these emails here.


When you view source and see an address in the fake email, you can copy and paste it and go there to check.

Be sure you have good anti virus software installed on your computer first, just in case the website is infected too.
I use Avast the free version for over 12 years now and it is the bomb! It has protected all my computers.
And I have a teenager who goes to a bunch of sites that hackers love to infect, like free screensavers and free downloads, so
I highly recommend Avast the free version.
You can get it here: Avast Free Download Page

How to view Email Headers in the major email programs.

Outlook 2011

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Ctrl+Click (or right-click with a two-button mouse) on the message from the message list.
  3. Select View Source.

Full headers will appear in a new TextEdit document.

Outlook 2010

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Open the email message in a new window.
  3. Click on the File tab from the menu bar and choose Properties.

Full headers will appear in the box within the properties window.

Mac Mail

  1. Open Mac Mail.
  2. Click on the message you would like to view headers for.
  3. Go to the View menu.
  4. Select Message, then Long Headers.

The full headers will appear in the window below your inbox.

Mozilla Thunderbird

  1. Open Thunderbird.
  2. Click on the message you’d like to view headers for.
  3. Click the View menu, and select Message Source.

The full headers will appear in a new window.


  1. Log in to Gmail.
  2. Open the message you’d like to view headers for.
  3. Click the down arrow next to Reply, at the top of the message pane.
  4. Select Show Original.

The full headers will appear in a new window.



  1. Log in to your AOL account.
  2. Open the message you’d like to view headers for.
  3. In the Action menu, select View Message Source.

The full headers will appear in a new window.

Yahoo! Mail

  1. Log in to your Yahoo! Mail account.
  2. Select the message you’d like to view headers for.
  3. Click the Actions dropdown and select View Full Headers.

The full headers will appear in a new window.

Before you open any of those suspicious emails be sure to:

  1. Do not click open the email.
  2. View Message Source instead. You cannot get infected or have a problem this way, but you can still read the message safely.
  3. Do not open any attachments or download anything from a suspicious email
  4. Google the subject in the email and see what comes up
  5. If still in doubt, never ever click any links and CALL your bank or the place the email says it is coming from.

A good source to check scams and hoaxes is this website:

When it comes to frauds and scams the Internet is a great resource to learn about what is happening.
It only takes a minute and it will save you from being infected, scammed or ripped off.

How to get rid of and remove the Lizamoon virus fake “Windows Stability Center” virus

Get rid of spyware, viruses, trojans

Fake Windows Stability Center Trojan. How to get rid of it.

Virus security software calls itself “Windows Stability Center” LizaMoon SQL injection:

To continue the story from a few days ago. My daughter was doing a search for her term paper, and when she did the google image search, this virus came up. This fake security software calls itself “Windows Stability Center” and is known as the LizaMoon SQL injection: Windows Stability Center Trojan.

We killed the process and got out of the window, and thought all was well, since she never clicked anything or downloaded anything.  Well she continued her research the next day and did a google image search again, and the message keeps popping up in Firefox, but not Internet Explorer. So I am not sure why that is happening other then she is finding many infected websites in image search.  So now we are not sure what is up and when I did some research on how to tell for sure if you are infected and how remove it, I was finding this topic all over the map.

There were many different sets of directions and opinions in the geek community. I suppose they all may work, but some are quite technical for your average home PC user, which it turns out is the main victim in this scam virus.

What I personally recommend is installing and running Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware It is free and it works really well for removing bad things off your computer.
You can safely download the free version here.

Some of the other articles I found that are helpful. Do not download anything from these sites, they do have google ads and product ads on them. Just read the content.

Automated Removal Instructions for Windows Stability Center using Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware

How to defeat Lizamoon in one easy step. ( this just tells you some good info on the virus and how to avoid it, not remove it).

Clean up begins after massive website attack-BBC

I want to update, I recently clicked a link and it was of course .ru, as soon as I saw that I knew I was screwed.
There is a new version of this sucker , so new I don’t think there is a name for it, but it is exactly the same.
Here are some excellent directions, once again for removing it. I lost 2 hours fixing my computer AGAIN.

Here are some excellent detailed directions on how to remove the fake Internet Security virus.


You have to boot up in safe mode and there are few different things you need to do, but this walks you through each step.
Most of us have two computers handy, so what I do is have the directions on one computer, while fixing the other one.
It is such a drag that this happens. I just hate these criminals and all the damage they cause, don’t you?

Please leave me a comment!

You know if it happens to me, it can happen to anyone.