April 24, 2014

Did your web design company or person leave you hanging?

I often get new business from very frustrated website owners who have basically been abandoned by the person or company they hired to help then with their website. Sometimes their websites are half finished on a test site and the person seems to have mysteriously disappeared or stopped answering their phone.


Other larger companies who offer website design, farm out the work, and slap the site up, but give no help or direction to the poor website owner.
Often the reason for this is they are not actually doing the work themselves.
I recently had a client who came to me with that  very situation. Their website was up, but it had no keywords, tags, or any kind of the most basic SEO done. The client was more than willing to do it themselves, but the company insisted she needed to pay their “SEO dept”, once again most likely contracted out, or farmed out for the help. I have always cautioned clients about paying for SEO services. It is an area full of people who failed at other get rich quick schemes.  Remember a few years ago when you would get all those invites in the mail for “free dinners” at a hotel, and it was about getting rich quick in some kind of real estate venure? Well those are often the types I run into that decided to become “SEO Experts”.

The problem with many of these type of website related services and web designers and website companies themselves, is there is nothing required to stick up a website and call yourself an expert.
This is why I tell you, check references, check the work they have done before and beware!

People that are good at what I do,( build Websites and use and teach WordPress),  and other things like SEO, are very transparent. They use their real names, they have real clients whose websites you can look at and check their traffic and website rankings and the best ones have a great blog that offer tons of free help and information so you can help yourself.
Here are a few quick tools that can help you check on other sites and see how they are doing, or check your own website out.

Google Page Rank Tool:

Check Page Rank of your Web site pages instantly:

This page rank checking tool is powered by Page Rank Checker service








Ever wonder how many of your website pages are actually indexed on Google and in the search engines?

To check this out all your have to do it enter:
So for instance for me to check out this site I would go to google search and enter
This shows me all the pages on google that I have indexed, which is around 230 pages.
Another fun tool you can only use on Firefox is the SEObook tool for the toolbar.
This is real SEO website, with training and a proven track record.
With one click you can see what I have below in the image for any website.
This will help you know your competition and also check out fraudulant companies and so called SEO and Web Designers/WordPress designers.

Seo tool for toolbar seobook

If you have been left hanging, or just need some help with your WordPress Website, or to convert and HTML website to WordPress, or WordPress training, please feel free to contact me for a free consult to discuss your needs.
You can see my testimonials here, with real people, first and last names and websites that are still up and running!
If you need a website, please fill out my pre-planning sheet here. 

I will never leave you hanging out there alone in cyberspace.
When you need help, I am a phone call or email away!


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