Tell your age from a photo, how old do I look?

How old do you look in photos tool

Microsoft has revealed a new website that claims to be able to work out someone's age just from just a picture. Called  How old do I look, it allows people to analyze any image found on Bing, Microsoft's search engine, or upload their own.  Tell your age from a photo, and ask yourself, how old do I look?It even allows users to search for celebrities - and see what Microsoft thinks their real ages … [Read more...]

Do you use Twitter? Sometimes fun things do happen.

Natalie-Coleman_Wins Masterchef 2013

Twitter. Ah twitter. Say it all in a  #hash tag in under a 130 characters. But say what? And say it to whom? I am still not sure what I am suppose to do with twitter.  I feel like a small fish in a very big sea. Sometimes though a fun thing happens, and you realize maybe the world is not so big and vast when it comes to people touching other people.  I love Masterchef Australia, and then I … [Read more...]

Fruit Spam using Instagram-Beware of links

Fruit Spam Instagram

Fruit spam? Fruit spam. If you've been noticing a strange rise of fruit-related pictures in your Instagram feed today, don't worry. Your friends haven't become (even more) obsessed with taking pictures of their healthy meals. Well, you might want to worry a wee bit, because the pictures might be linked to a fruit-themed spam attack that's slowly making its way around the popular photo-sharing … [Read more...]