Do you use Twitter? Sometimes fun things do happen.

Natalie-Coleman_Wins Masterchef 2013

Twitter. Ah twitter. Say it all in a  #hash tag in under a 130 characters. But say what? And say it to whom? I am still not sure what I am suppose to do with twitter.  I feel like a small fish in a very big sea. Sometimes though a fun thing happens, and you realize maybe the world is not so big and vast when it comes to people touching other people.  I love Masterchef Australia, and then I … [Read more...]

Fruit Spam using Instagram-Beware of links

Fruit Spam Instagram

Fruit spam? Fruit spam. If you've been noticing a strange rise of fruit-related pictures in your Instagram feed today, don't worry. Your friends haven't become (even more) obsessed with taking pictures of their healthy meals. Well, you might want to worry a wee bit, because the pictures might be linked to a fruit-themed spam attack that's slowly making its way around the popular photo-sharing … [Read more...]

How to safely check “view source” on fake email

Web Term Glossary

How to safely check your email, called "view source" video. Fake Email, Email Scams, Email Viruses and Malware. Every day I get some very bad and dangerous email in my inbox. I run so many websites and have over 10 business email addresses, so between all of those I get quite the variety of fraudulent email. I have been teaching about email and Internet Safety since 1999. Did you know … [Read more...]