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Reviews, endorsements askmepc-webdesign

I have also used Linda to assist me with XsitePro - mainly whipping up some templates for me. There are tons of "generic" style templates available, but when you want something specific, then Linda is definitely one person to go to. She actually "listens" to what you say, too.

Linda has excellent customer service skills and is very quick to respond to questions and queries.

What's not to like?

Looking for XsitePro training, or templates? Go talk to Linda

David Roberts


Reviews, endorsements askmepc-webdesign

I've just had Linda do a website for my offline business.
She was very efficient in our communications and even introduced me to the joys of Skype

Linda was very quick to produce my template which is already up and running. http://www.howardsblinds.co.uk

Thanks for your help



Reviews, endorsements askmepc-webdesign


Thank YOU so much , Linda...you were a huge help and continue support.
I'm glad I found you:)
My site is already imported over!! http://thenutrifitness.com
Georgette Pann


Reviews, endorsements askmepc-webdesign

Linda is my go-to person for xsp. has been for about 6 months.

High quality work, very easy to work with. Good laughs.

Whenever I have a question I find it much easier to write or skype her than to poke around in the forum.

Very reasonably priced.

She's done
http://www.BaseballConfidence.com and http://www.HeadsUpPerformance.com , and I did http://www.YipsBeGone.com
from the template she made for me.

I have limited but not newbie skills.

She's the perfect resource for me -- I want control of my sites, but don't want to putz through trying to be a designer or xsp expert, I want to have control but focus on making money.

I'll personally vouch for her, you're welcome to contact me if you have any questions.

Tom Hanson, Ph.D.

Reviews, endorsements askmepc-webdesign

Just a great testimonial for Linda Lee!
Had it not been for Linda, I would still be fumbling around.
Working with Linda has been a wonderful experience--unlike some other developer experiences I have had.
She created a terrific template and seemed to intuitively know what I wanted for design.
In addition, she walked me through being able to take over some of the maintenance, so it was easier and cheaper for me!
Anyone who needs assistance should really seek out Linda at http://askmepc-webdesign.com

You won't be disappointed!

Thanks, Linda!

Patty Burgess
Check out Linda's work at:

Reviews, endorsements askmepc-webdesign

"I met Linda when I was getting ready to have a nervous breakdown and demand for a refund from Xsite!
After you do the initial browsing around and trying things out, watching the tutorials, there is so much missing.
Linda helps tie everything together and make sense of xsite and has so many pearls of wisdom regarding tips for navigating things which would've taken hours or days to figure out - little annoying things too many to list here. As you have probably already figured out, their templates are frustrating and I could not use them and had no idea how to change it. She helped me create this template for my websites  www.holisticintegrativeresources.com plus helped me create the header/logo. That in itself was invaluable as she is incredibly afforable and reasonable in her prices.
I work with her now ongoingly after doing some work on my websites and getting stuck on small things. She knows exactly what I'm trying to do as she was the one to spend hours figuring it out.
She's fun, creative and business minded!"

Reviews, endorsements askmepc-webdesign

"Linda is just AMAZING! 

I was so lucky she answered my request for help on the forum at a time when I was having a very tough time handling a very complex website conversion into Xsitepro. I had other people respond to my request for help on the forum but I choose Linda in a heartbeat after a short interchange - her websites and client testimonials speaks volumes, but just talking with Linda was all I needed - her professionalism shone right thru!

From the get go Linda had a CAN DO attitude and it was sure what kept her going when others would have quit or try to cut corners! I can tell you there was so many challenges we went through during the conversion and there were times that even Linda thought she might have taken on more than she can handle -BUT she still would not give up!

As a matter of fact she said something quite remarkable when the challenge became so daunting and the level of complexity became apparent - she said she will get the job done no matter what and as it seems like it was going to take more expertise than she quoted but she would not charge me for the extras that she had to get done - she just wanted to get my site done and make me happy! And she did!

Her final cost was very reasonable as well - I would have paid her twice as much if I had the money because I had a good idea as to the level of difficulties she had to handle and the amount of work it required to get it done.

Another great attribute of hers is her excellent communications skills - she is in touch with you every step of the way and is always upbeat.

Now you see why I would recommend her to ANYONE? She does what very few professionals do and with a smile and positive attitude!

I now have a website that is under my control like I wanted and I can create and improve it as much as I like or need to. Xsitepro is a wonderful program but if you don't know how to use it or you don't have the time to learn how - call in the pro - call Linda!

Thank you so much for your help and positive, professional work."

Rosalee Prepchuk


Reviews, endorsements askmepc-webdesign

"When I first brought Xsite, I was able to build my site myself - to a certain point. I got it to a point that people would be able to see my art, but didn't know how to make a page to sell items. I’m pretty good at figuring things out and following instructions but then I had no idea what to do and where to find the answer.

I had so many other problems, that I spent countless hours going through the manuals and asking questions on this message site. People were helpful but when I was working on the site, I didn't want to wait a day for an answer.

I found another website company that had a low monthly fee and it looked pretty easy to set-up. I was thinking of switching and ditching Xsite, but that meant starting all over again and I really didn’t want to pay a monthly fee even if it was low. That’s why I got Xsite because I was able to buy it outright. I came back to this message board looking for help and I saw info on Linda's business. It sounded like music to my ears.

I called her and we made a date to deal with my problems. I needed help on how to make a page to show multiple items my jewelry to sell. I learn best by seeing how it's done. While on the phone with her, she was able to access my computer and show me what I needed to do. She had control of my mouse and while she was explaining the steps, I was able to see her do what she was talking about. That was totally awesome! I was then able to do what I needed.

When I had other problems, I emailed her and she was really quick emailing me back with suggestions. When one suggestion didn't work, she emailed me another one... till it finally worked.

Before Linda I was ready to dump this program. After dealing with Linda, I see that I have so many possibilities, and I have a support person to help me.

Linda really knows Xsite.. If you are having problems, use her. She has the PhD in this program for sure. Linda is the eXtraordinary, eXceptional eXpert of Xsite Pro!

I’m still working on my site – hopefully I will have it updated by the end of Nov."


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