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CUSTOM WordPress Websites, HTML Websites, Content Management Systems and more.

You need an fantastic professional high quality website and we can help!

  • We use open source Wordpress CMS (Content Management System). 
  • Our sites come configured with Search Engine Optimized settings. 
  • Custom and original. Your website will be unique and created just for you! 
  • We are experts are what we do. 


Website Design/Pricing

Askmepc-webdesign  custom work span simple to complex depending on the client needs. From small business to the larger sites we offer corporate branding and identity with custom websites, forum and WordPress websites and blogs, which will help you with your website development and business.
Offering attention to detail, usability, navigation ease, and personal one on one help with your site after it is launched Askmepc stands out from the crowd. From small informational sites, often called "brochure" sites to full service sites with shopping carts, stores, multi-media, social networking tools, content management, Flash animation, and videos, podcasting, radio and more, Askmepc offers you the everything you need for a beautiful and effective website.

For pricing and payment please click here.

content management, drupal, joomla, wordpress

WordPress Websites and Content Management Systems

A Content Management System (CMS) enables a website’s content to be managed from a web browser, any time, any place, and without programming skills. With a content management system and minimal training, a site's web page content can be effectively managed without any assistance from the web site development firm. I am a WordPress trainer, teacher and expert. 90% of the new sites I create are not on the WordPress platform. It is user friendly and you can run  your own, and I will train you how!

custom effective logos for websites, blogs and business cards askmepc website designs  

Custom Graphics and Logos

We will create a logo or graphic for you to use on your website or in print.
I also do custom buttons, images, anything in the graphic arena you need.
All designs then belong to you.

Custom Headers

We can use your logo or create one for you.
Custom headers are all part of your branding and
help you stand out from the crowd!

Web Communities and Forums Set up askmepc 

Custom Online Web Communities

A Web community website offers its members an environment to interact and share information.  Askmepc-webdesign designers can develop custom Web community applications tailored to any common interest group or business need. Simple Machine, phpBB, WordPress Multisite Buddy Press or WordPress membership websites, and many others.

flash animation askmepc

Flash Animation/Video- Not really used or recommended in 2012.

It is wiser to use Youtube, scripts, or plugins to utilize what flash formerly use to do for websites.

copywriting for your website askmepc web designers

Web Copy Writing

A website's words, not its graphics, get messages across. Our professional Web copywriting experts can prepare messages that spring visitors into action. 

mad skills learn how to seo at askmepc web design

SEO-Search Engine Optimization

“Having a perfect website design is just the beginning‚ĶMarketing your business online is more important now, than ever before. 82% of US consumers utilize major search engines to search for products/services before they decide to buy. In today’s age, if you can’t be found online – then you simply do not exist.” 
Search engine optimization involves several different components and our clients that hire us to SEO their current site see a 50% increase in traffic within 2-3 weeks.

slideshow and photo gallery services and set up askmepc web designers

Slideshows and Photo Galleries

Slideshows and Photo Galleries add punch and interest to your site.
Ask us what we can do for your site.

membership website set up askmepc-webdesign.com


Membership and Subscription Websites

We can create and set up membership and subscription sections for your website.
Ask us for more details.

maintenance of your site ongoing askmepc web designer

Ongoing Maintenance Services 

We encourage and train clients to perform any degree of self website maintenance as they choose.  Our in-house maintenance team will provide any additional maintenance as needed for the life of the site.

affordable reliable website hosting askmepc

Hosting- We offer blazing fast web hosting. 

Askmepc-webdesign hosting offers blazing fast web hosting. Your site's speed has a direct impact on your bounce rate, conversion rate and visitor satisfaction. That's why even we use SSDs for our own site. After all, pages load up to 300% faster on our SSDs compared to standard hard drives and they blow our competition away. Our SSDs come hosted on our exclusive SwiftServer platform, a product of 7+ years of high-performance hosting expertise. Your site hosted on our blazing fast SSDs can be a high-powered combination.

Only $10. a month!

Classes and training for websites and bloggins askmepc web design  

Ongoing Trainingand Classes

Askmepc-webdesign offers e-guides, videos, teleseminars, and personal training and coaching.
We offer ongoing classes, training, eguides. WordPress training, consulting and help for you online


Newsletters and Email Lists and Campaigns

Ask us who we recommend and about helping you get the most out of your
newsletter and email system.

Contact Forms installed for you on your website or blog


Forms: Any type. Registrations, Feedback, Medical Forms, Membership:

We create custom forms for your site.
Long or short we can create it and install it for you.

We use the best form building program online. Gravity Forms.Visit this link to see what Gravity Forms can do for your website.
Click here to visit rocketgenius.
You can buy your own copy or let us add you to our corporate license for only 25.00 a year update fees. A savings of 75.00 a year for you.
We charge 89. for each form built. You can easily dupiclate our forms and built more yourself at no cost.
There is no limit to the amount of forms you can use. It also has aweber, paypal and authorize.net systems built into the form. Most clients have us build their first form, and then they can use that to see how it is done and create new ones from there.

paypal payment system explained

Paypal Payment System

Paypal is what you can call third party merchant accounts. They store the credit card numbers that charge your clients. With a third party merchant account, you basically go into your account, click "create item," decide how much to sell that item for, and decide if its going to be a recurring charge or not. Once you decide all that, they give you a link to provide your customers with. Your customers will then go to this link to pay. They do not have to join PayPal to use their credit cards.

askmepc reviews on yelp

 Visit Us on Yelp

Yelp is an effective way to market your website. Yelp is like a local yellow pages online, but with reviews from customers.

Youtube video help askmepc

 Video Training and Ongoing Help

A Web community website offers its members an environment to interact and share information.  askmepc’s web site designers can develop custom Web community applications tailored to any common interest group or business need. 

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membership website set up askmepc-webdesign.com 

Whatever your needs are, we can help you. Creating a new WordPress website or converting your HTML to WordPress.
Redesign, adding a blog, or setting up an entirely new site,
Social Media and Networking, Flash Ads, Slideshows, Website
Creator Xsite Pro 2 Templates, Headers and Training.
WordPress Plug ins, WordPress Coaching Tutorials and we offer
a Members Only Private Forum with videos, eguides and help for
you. SEO best practices and Search Engine Optimization Services.

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